He has a good accent.

I'm never going to go anywhere.


Oh crumbs!

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Do you think it's a good idea to feed your dog table scraps?


Gail and I are both going.

Peter doesn't want to sell his farm.

What part of Boston does Debi live in?

Shylock is greedy, and what is worse, very stingy.

There's no need to be nasty.

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Medical innovations are the best way to relieve us from sufferings.

Let it be done at once.

For you to come out and say that kind of thing now would just be pouring oil on the fire.


How was the night?


Could you see that Sedat gets this?


I hope you don't change your mind.

Peige is probably the one who'll finish the work.

We've got to tell her.


Now and then, we go to London on business.

My specialty is particle physics.

You had better not see her now.


I'll get you one as soon as I can.


We have a search warrant.

That was just an accident.

I play golf every so often.

We don't have to follow her.

Did you finish the job?

I often converse with her.

Earnie saw something on the floor by the sofa.


Lucius can't believe Rajeev's over thirty.


Don't be so stupid.

What time is it in London now?

Maria tried to kill herself with sleeping pills.

Seth went too far.

Things like grammars that can be called absolutely correct do not exist anywhere.

You've been drugged.

I wish I could've been there.

Money, not love, makes the world go round.

We're expecting about 3,000 people to come to our concert in the park.

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Raul showed Ritalynne how to pop popcorn.


I want you to have more relaxation in your life.

What isn't yet may later be.

I don't really understand this.

Maybe we should get some help.

We want to make absolutely sure that Ricardo wants to do that.

The UK uses more mobile data than any other country.

You've got to face your fears.

I am in doubt what to do with him.

There was no one who did not enjoy the party.


I know you've got a secret.

Her health is becoming steadily better.

There are pictures on alternate pages of the book.

I don't expect that they will support my view.

Why do we have to help him?

We're not being sued.

Mac has been lucky.


Mysteries abound where most we seek for answers.


He is a carpenter by trade.


His lecture has brought this fact to our notice.

Don't worry. I'll be fine.

I want them fired.

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with him?

The literal translation for the Spanish word "chupacabra" is "goat sucker."

I hope we didn't wake you.

We apologize.

Is she anywhere about?

Have you ever reviewed your lessons in a park?

You loved him, didn't you?

I don't know if Thierry is safe or not.

Rajesh and I have never been photographed together.

I keep a large dictionary close at hand when I read English magazines.

Mason bent down.

You've made no allowance for the fact that he is young.


You really need to call Connie.

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He failed the exam because he had not studied enough.

Go to work.

Why are they complaining?

In conclusion, the next step is to decide what we should do for the next step.

You need not worry about the tsunami due to this earthquake.

Jack didn't decide to become a professional singer until he was thirty.

Running a car is a great expense.

Failure gives me strength: my pain is my motivation.

The man came to a dead stop.

Leora knows where Raja lives.

Wendi wondered what Tigger was thinking about.

I'm not letting it get to me.

I laid my new clothes on the bed.

Woody has had a change of heart.

Rand solved the problem easily.

Noam and Olson have three daughters.

I think that's a really stupid idea.

It's you I've come for.

Hold on.


Why didn't you just pay them?

They always sit up late doing their homework.

I've seen it happen.

Jayesh's eyes glinted with excitement.

The doctor advised me to take up some sport to stay in shape.

Is Svante in pain?

I promised Deirdre I wouldn't tell anyone.


Do you know if Russell can speak French?

He earns at least $1,000 dollars a week.

I thought Kuldip would be at the bar.


If two people have the same opinion, one of them is redundant.

Bonnie encouraged Jesper to buy a hybrid car.

Nobody saw the bird fly.

What time did you get out of bed yesterday?

What if it was just a tiff between two friends?

I was in the area.

Jeannie will never change that.

Please find them.

Just stand there.

Saad ate breakfast all by himself.

Hsi is hungry, and so am I.

A camel is, so to speak, a ship on the desert.

Kimmo is making a lot of sense.

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Buildings are much stronger now than they used to be.


It's a big world.

The wearer knows best where the shoe pinches.

Let's hear your opinion.

You have bought more postage stamps than are necessary.

This applies to many people.

That boy looks like you.

When both girls told John they had feelings for him, he was in a quandary as to which girl he should be with.

Right now, all I want to do is sleep for a few hours.

The dinner was very good.

She spoke with the school superintendent.

He is the only one that doesn't observe the custom.


The public servant leaked the secret and he was prosecuted for revealing a state secret.

Anita never cooks on Sunday.

This time it seems as if he is telling the truth.

I doubt everything, even my own doubts.

Collect your gear.

You have it all backwards.

How much is this worth?

Don't draw attention to yourself.

Concerning this issue, I feel that the trash media only report biased information.

They're having a break at the moment.

Don't get involved with that guy.


Jem has a wife and three children to support.


I got blamed and laughed at.

The pigs aren't in the pen.

My phone's ringing.

I want to buy an automobile.

My mother is on a diet.

I tried to protect you.

He grunted his thanks.

Speaking English is not easy.

The entire city is overrun by zombies.

You should eat something.

They're surprised.

I don't do much study ahead for the English classes.

Nikolai squeezed the juice from the orange.

Saify is the guy that Scot wanted.

We need more information.


Let's play, little bro!

Who lost it?

Such a behavior gives rise to problem.

Hiroyuki doesn't look thrilled.

Safety comes first.

I guess I'm a little scared.

Santa just got arrested.

Where are the car keys?

This is one of the most influential novels of the past 30 years.


You're still taller than me.


You may leave whenever you want.

Neil can't seem to get along with anyone.

The loss must be made up for next month.

What happened first?

He is antisocial.