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I was very disappointed.

His behavior was that of a gentleman.

That's our job.

Colin spent years traveling the globe looking for new species of birds.

Coleen is still around.

How does this always happen?

I like listening to Juha tell stories.


What do you regret most?


One should dress oneself well.


Where are the lions and tigers?


The soldiers clicked their heels together.


I only buy fresh vegetables, never frozen.

The best part of Japan are their video games.

Srinivasan hates parties.


That's beautiful. I love it.

I have several things I'd like to talk to you about.

I have two brothers and three sisters.

I accidentally deleted everything.

That's horrible.

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Company A is trying to play us off against Company B in a severe price-war.

The two of them left.

I can't find my purse.

Would you mind not doing that?

Even if lies and white lies are a spontaneous reaction of our brain, they will never be the truth, the reality of things, the life.

She was absent from school owing to sickness.

I'd like to see Johnathan again.

The problem isn't us.

You always were good at your job.


Donne didn't seem surprised.

We shouldn't lose our cool.

Yvonne says he won't come.

I'm not the only one here who can speak French.

I told Jim to restrain himself from drinking too much.

The frustrated tennis player smashed his racquet on the court and incurred a hefty fine.

Hold your positions.


When was your first love?

You were right about everything.

I should've worn gloves.

He waved me away.

I tricked you.

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There is little possibility that she will be elected.

I eagerly await hearing your opinion on this subject.

Oh, by the way, do you know where she lives now?

Hand washing is generally considered to be the most important measure in preventing the spread of infection.

Rand couldn't help but smile.


Eva rode a horse last week when he was at his grandfather's ranch.

Could you give me a leg up here?

I'm used to being ignored by my parents.

You don't even care.

They knew that doing their work cheerfully is the only way to make routine work bearable.

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Dennis doesn't even own a suit.

Jock told me not to tell anyone.

Do you usually use a pick when you play the guitar?

The article was written in French.

What are they going to find?

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Hey, let's get out of here.


He gave me some books.

That's really hard work.

She cheated on the test.

I haven't seen her since last month.

In marriage, settling down benefits men more than women.


We were all scared shitless.


He's tough on crime.

Sidney just happened to be on the same bus I was.

I don't know Charlene's age.

I'm in college.

Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children 16 and under.

Mayor Dan Anderson was supposed to greet the guests.

More often than not I lay awake all night.

Take control of your destiny.

Bryan and his brother look quite similar.


Please contact me by letter.


I'll just do the best job I can.

Before coming to Berlin, I had very little interest in German history.

How am I supposed to sleep with all this noise?


All at once she began to shout in a shrill voice.

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This hole should be stopped up.

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Women talk nonstop.

That is a serious oversight.

Wake up, Carlo. I've got to talk to you.

I tried to get up at six this morning.

Kazuhiro listens to CNN.

He cannot have told a lie.

What does a Sovietologist research?

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There was absolutely nothing inside the room.

Can we make a lunch date?

Those is just an ordinary man.


Draw me a sheep!


He administered his friend's affairs.

I don't understand opera.

He was lucky and won the competition.

What about Maurice?

Hillary's parole conditions require him to report to the police once a week.

He became a national hero.

Do you like your coworkers?

The situation Trey described actually happened once in Boston.

Please leave your message on my answering machine.

You seem to know me, but I don't know you.

Dan always carried a gun.


I had never seen a windmill until I visited the Netherlands.


We are going to eat a lot tonight so I hope that you are not on a diet.

Kory expects to die.

Space spends most of his free time reading books.

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The assistant coaches are Hohn and John.

His Hebrew was more advanced than hers.

Terrance finally got it.

What did you buy from me?

A state is made up of individuals who compose it.


We threw the ball in turn so that everyone could have a try.

Some read books to kill time.

I have buck teeth.

Nobody was rich in my country.

The principal feature of the conference is the buffet.


"This isn't Marsh's watch." "I never said it was."

I've already checked those possibilities.

Germany was split in two.

I am reading a book on the history of the Americas.

Billie got in the truck and turned the key in the ignition.


In winter I wear an overcoat.

I hear they're pretty good.

I'll do as you recommended.

I didn't mean it.

I wonder why Marie said that.

Even a child could do it.

This looks a little like French, but it isn't.


I don't believe that it happened.

I couldn't answer.

Kit is a freak of nature.

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And I want to study many languages because I want to understand the world. Currently, I'm working on my degree in Classical Greek.

Many people were deceived by the advertisement.

If I were more creative, I would try to write music.

Mother prepared lunch for me.

The label is attached to the trunk.

It's unnatural.

One of the candidates for the presidency of the country was attacked on the eve of the election.

Dan is the best in Tatoeba.

Nobody knew what the machine was like.

I asked around and there don't seem to be any stores around here that sell that.

Meeks and Stagger are still inside.

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My daughter sings in the choir.

My brother has many more good books than I do.

He's very cute and he's really smart.


We took a direct road to town.


Everyone's tired of hearing that story.


It's just the two of us.


It's time for us to go.

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Our neighbours were forced to sell their house.

Everybody knew that she was being pushy.

I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're saying.

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She couldn't hold back her laughter.

Hello, my dear, I made two pictures and I want your opinion on them.

Vice isn't ready.


Can you remember anything about it?


Whoever was sitting here left his pencil.


Johnathan won't come back again.

Valerie isn't jealous.

He hit two birds with one stone.