I just wanted to say hello.

Duane called the referee an idiot.


I'm not willing to give this to Jason.

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It wasn't even a disappointment.

Jeannie doesn't like it when Jennifer writes sentences about stoats, since he is afraid that she would fall in love with them and wouldn't any longer want him around.

Owing to a shortage of funds, our project failed.

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The woman's face was marked with grief.

She has a very beautiful laugh.

Excuse me, but I didn't order this.

He's jealous.

Gypsy is the one with a car.

I heard that you were looking for me.

The room was kept warm for the guests.


Everyone turned to look at them.

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Let's find a way out.

Vilhelm burnt the candle at both ends preparing for his final exams.

You better tell me the truth.

I'm listening to music.

Are you going fishing?


He's got the new technique down pat.


Have you got any plans?

The event starts at 3am.

You didn't see this one coming, did you, Marcia?

Let him relax.

Patrick had a car accident in Boston.

Jerald is going to be my son-in-law.

I like living with them.


"Since when do you have that car?" "I've had it for a long time, I bought it in 1999."

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She won first prize in the exhibition.

John recognized all the melodies which he learned while still a child.

Jerrie got into the driver's seat and started the car.

Large amounts of money were spent on the new bridge.

The ball rolled on the ground towards me.

Why aren't you eating your sandwich?

Must there be a link between diet and health?

Since she didn't come, I didn't go either.

I did it in a hurry.

Arnold has been acting strangely.

In Japan there are beautiful cities, for example Kyoto and Nara.


Death is a mysterious lady without compassion.

You must share your jobs with others.

Could you come here for a second?

Spring will arrive there soon.

He would have succeeded had he tried.


This is the best season for hiking.


He is utterly insane.

I've got to get ready for school.

I own this property.

I drank tea.

I can drop you off at the airport tonight.

Where did you correct them?

He is not from Hokkaido.

Just tell Tobias what you want.

I just want to hear you say that again.

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Stefan offered Michiel his support in the investigation.

He didn't want to get in trouble.

You have no idea what you've missed.

I think it will be fine.

You're such an idiot.

I'll be back later.

Christian had some great ideas.

We sleep not to sleep, but to act.

The South East region of England is densely populated.

Srivatsan wants to become a fireman.

We talked for three hours.


These are not sufficient reasons for breaking the promise.

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The train will pick up speed in a minute.

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You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

They're blue.

Dogs can't distinguish colors.


More or less, he is crazy.

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Stephanie is deeply disturbed.

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You have three cats.


Sue doesn't look happy to see us.

I bet Hugh knows where Lance is.

None of us like Leo.


It just gets worse.


Her accent gave her away.

I must have a car.

All you have to do is try hard to master English.


I forgot what we were doing.

I haven't got enough money to buy it.

She ignored him all day.

He's still alive.

Don't worry, it's not as bad as it seems.

Is everyone ready?

We'll be happy to cooperate.

Do you see the father and the mother?

They appointed him manager.

I enjoyed talking with her.

What's that thing called?

He is hurting from his recent divorce with his wife.

Lowell lost seventy pounds.

I can't deal with this anymore.

I'm being honest.

Kuldip is always forgetting things.

We've known each other for years.

Will Quebec succeed in seceding?

The game got canceled.

In Kabuki not only talent but also heredity counts.

I was born and raised in Tokyo.

He related his experiences.

I wouldn't recommend that.

Brandy walked over to Shahid and whispered in her ear.

I'm going to go check in on Merton.

Vance is unable to cope with stress.

You look tired. You should rest a little.

Stan asked me if I was sleepy.

Thoughts are expressed by means of words.

My patience is worn out.

At first, I had difficulty understanding people when they spoke too fast.

She was amused at the joke.

I'm a stranger in these parts.

I was on my way over to Tai's right now.

I downloaded one.

I suggest you don't ask Terry that question.

I made a statement.

Edgar de Wahl is the creator of Interlingue.

Which is old?


Part's face was very pale.

How about a drink after the game?

He is fond of gossip.

The climate here is milder than that of Moscow.

He is anything but a poet.


Follow the rules.


Please pass it to the other friends.

I haven't completely given up the idea.

Nathan is my stepdad.


She met Jesper.

Let her do this.

The boy has a good school record.

I do a lot of work on the school newspaper.

She gave birth to twins a week ago.

Another man was wounded.

What do you think is the best way to encourage Liza to study more?

Monday's a holiday.

Hello? Are you still here?

They're different.

Hey, can you help me with something?

I certainly don't regret it.

Piotr tossed the ball into the air.

Officially, he works for us as an interpreter.

I decided to buy a new car rather than an old one.

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I will stay here all this month.

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Why do you lie for Elisabeth?

Let's keep thinking about the best way to get this done.

This maze is very hard to get out of.

Why did you hit Jeany?

Let's hope Rodger doesn't try to do that without some help.


Where did you dig that up again?


He is curious about how she will receive the news.

The hunter followed the bear tracks.

We're all alone here.

Don't give up.

Sirius is a binary star system. Sirius B, Sirius A's faint companion, is the white dwarf closest to our solar system. It is about as big as our earth.

Have you been studying for two hours?

Cellphones do not work in the air-raid shelter.


What do you find attractive about me?

If you don't have this key, you won't be able to get in.

I guess you're still pretty mad at me, aren't you?

I greatly recommend reading it to anybody thinking of learning a craft.

It's at the back of the building.

Where, on a bright autumn morning, there were sounds of music and laughter, and where two girls danced merrily together on the grass, while some half-dozen peasant women standing on ladders, gathering the apples from the trees, stopped in their work to look down, and share their enjoyment.

It kept raining for a week.

They are very popular among boys.

Thanks for the company.

Come on back here.

We shouldn't take it lightly.