I'll never forget seeing her on the stage.

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Ernst's squirrel is not shy at all. He even stole nuts from right under my nose!


You're going to lose.

When did you ask her to be your girlfriend?

It may rain before long.

He was walking with his shoulders squared.

Do you know how the accident happened?

I have a sore throat.

Firstly: We, your forebears, cannot help you from the land beyond. Secondly: The slayer of wheelchairs came here incognito and therefore could only have brought a small number of guards with him. And thirdly: there is (supposedly) no beautiful princess. Got all that? Well, then have fun with your task.


Kristi did not wear socks.

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Should we wait for her?

They shot down two enemy planes during the raid.

Only members of the club are entitled to use this room.

They did not think anything of the news.

I got undressed.

I was scratched by a cat.

It takes time to get over a divorce.


I took his not coming to indicate that he wasn't interested.

Jurevis and Justin both died in the accident.

Columbus's Law of Discovery states: If you discovered something BEFORE Christopher Columbus, then what you discovered does not exist.

I'm glad you could be here.

I believe I can handle it from here.


Tracey learned a lot from Kikki.

Nelken is watching the football game with his friends.

Can you pay off your loans in a year?

May I accompany you to the airport?

Let's sit on the bench.

That's very kind, thank you.

I appreciate that you are very fatigued.

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My life, my rules.

You have only to ask for it and it will be given to you.

That's my boy.

I want to make sure you don't do anything dangerous.

He ruined his health by working too hard.

You don't need to tell Woody everything.

Those who do not wish to go need not go.

Roses smell sweet.

It was just a shot in the dark.

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I'm thinking that I should take French next year.


I will send you the post which Liber posted on Facebook yesterday.

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Alastair is planning on entering the competition, right?

Maybe he will not come.

A-ha-ha ... sorry. I forgot my contacts, Unless I'm right here I can't see it.


Stop bothering Lorenzo.

People's emotional lives are becoming more and more unstable.

People seek escape from the heat of the town.

Why should we get involved?

You better win.

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A few people (I'm not telling who) have not cleaned up the room.

I've been ready for hours.

That's all you get.

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I read a lot of modern authors.

Be nice to him.

I've got to stop Margie from doing something stupid.

Panos didn't feel up to going out.

Give me a minute, OK?

She glared at me with angry eyes.

It's a dreary place.


I think Marcia thought he had to do that.

My neighborhood is threatened by poverty.

He crept out of the room very carefully to avoid waking her up.

It's not gonna bite you.

Cole carefully lifted the box.


They have gone forward in pursuit.

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The food isn't very good here.

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Can we come, too?

I married a Polish woman.

Monica's father doesn't approve of him having long hair and a beard.


Pim slipped off his headphones.

I'm your deputy.

Tatoeba is so fast! I can't believe it!

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Where can I take a bath?

Joyce drives safely.

My sister never fails to write home once a month.

You can see that the house is solidly built.

Quit behaving like a kid.

I'm not afraid of snakes.

Let's not be naive.

I love you Jisheng!

Why didn't she help you?

We need some supplies and figured you could get us a good price.

I don't think I know you.

She offered me some marmalade.

Did you sign this?


Soohong and Samir have grown apart.

At that time, I was still awake.

Little Hazel locked himself in the bathroom and couldn't open the door.

Parents are usually concerned about their children's future.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia.

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What was that like?

He translated the verse into English.

Klaudia said something that I didn't understand.

"Well, there's something I'd like your advice on about my research project ..." "Let's see... Hmm, you're investigating flowering plants then."

I don't speak to them.


I'm sorry for that.

They will hold a meeting at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

Rich's dog killed Radek's cat.

How did you get Edgar out of that room?

He has 12 sons.


The words were spelled wrong.


Julie should've never let Ravindranath go.


My laptop crashed.

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Don't apologize.

She looked like a fairy in her beautiful white dress.

The couple has three school-aged children.


How long may I keep this?

I'd say Phillip was only bluffing.

We study English in the same class.

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What can hunger strikes achieve?

I helped fix the leak.

Smoking is prohibited here.

Pim hates jogging.

When I unplugged the bathroom sink, the water gushed down the drain.

You'd better shut the door.

He gave me one last chance.

I've sent it by Post.

I heard a wolf howling.

May I ask your age?

I have no further questions.

If there are problems, call me.

The Senate made a decision.


I took the book from you.

I recommended Lonhyn.

He's not first but second.

Pria occasionally visited me when I lived in Boston.

What he says is nonsense.

Don't rush on my account.

You won't need a coat today.

Beside you, I'm only a beginner at this game.

Stacy was sleeping rough for a while after being evicted from his apartment.


This is Beth's camel.

How did Rick manage to lose so much weight so quickly?

Everybody but Elwood laughs.

These pants are dirty.

Ask her instead.


He flew to Chicago, where he happened to see a friend.

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I met your friend.


Your room isn't empty any more.

I suddenly feel sick.

I wanted to love Gregor.

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What's your favorite thing to have for supper?

It's all laid on.

It was chilly that day.

School is over.

She makes sure that her family eats a balanced diet.

I was just looking out for her.

Gunnar doesn't eat a balanced diet.


We've got a long night ahead of us.

It's too bad you can't stay a little longer.

I can't believe Swamy left without saying goodbye.

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I'm ready to leave this place.

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You must not forget your math textbook again.

I have my career to think of.

Why would you want to give Jayant that?

Ann knocked on the door and Hon answered it.

Beware! Frictionless road ahead.

I sat down to translate the sentence shown on the main page to my native language, and half an hour and two dozen sentences later I had to convince myself to stop.

Hubert has naturally a very agreeable voice and utterance.

He sent me a brief letter.

How do you know I'm going out with Maurice?

He wants to be different.

I wish it would stop raining.