I knew it wouldn't be fun.

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William the Conqueror defeated king Harold in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings.

We made too many mistakes.

I'm a photographer.

After graduation he will engage himself in study.

What really happened out there?

A woman is walking towards us.

Martin still thinks Mikael likes him.


She is not home, but at school.

It seems the meeting cannot take place. Two attendees are stuck in Charles de Gaulle airport.

He will leave for Paris next month.

I'm done making excuses.

Are there some cats on the desk?

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I thought that he was honest.


Pia scratched his head.

She resented his remarks about her poor driving.

Henry hit a home run with bases loaded.

She is embarrassed to breastfeed in public.

I do not think he will ever get over the loss of his wife.


He has not gotten in touch with me for a long time under the pretence of being busy.

The phone rang again.

I think something's wrong with her.

That's an intriguing thought.

He barely missed being killed.


Lloyd is a very modest man.

Today's a bit warmer than usual, wouldn't ya say?

We've already covered this subject.

When I was a child, I spent many hours reading alone in my room.

Some dog owners wonder if it's OK to feed their dogs fish.

That was it.

You may open the window.


I don't hang out with her.

My wish is to please you.

How about tomorrow night at nine?

I don't have anything more to translate.

I think Wolf is smarter than that.

I almost wish I could be in your shoes.

She must be stupid to say such a thing.

Doors open when you're friendly.

Would you please boil my eggs for 2 minutes?

I gave up hope.

What are you thinking about?

We caught her.

I'm considering it seriously.

I studied English very hard day after day.

What would Collin have done?

He kept silent during the meal.

Come and windsurf with me.

I remember having heard a similar sound in my dreams.

I've already spoken with him.

Geoffrey knows he's not very good at speaking French.

I quit smoking half a year ago.


The chairs will be here tomorrow.


Check your answer with his.

Nobody studied my country.

I have three points on my licence.


Real called me last night.

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I'm not expecting anyone.

Will you please just shut up?

I've got to tell Gregory what's going on.

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This doesn't happen all the time.

Back in high school, I got up at 6 a.m. every morning.

I'm glad Marty is safe.

You let Pravin down.

Let's not put the cart before the horse.

She is not old enough to travel abroad by herself.

We didn't know on which train they'd be coming.

We can deliver the product in June.

The flood did a lot of harm to the crops.

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The moon shines in the sky.

She was carried away by the man's charm.

The English established colonies in America in 1609.

She shaved her mustache.

Don't let the fire burn out.

I was too tired to walk any more.

It's hard to ignore Celia.


This proposal was unanimously approved.


I'm tired of all his complaints.

She will grow on John.

Medicine should be out of the way of children.

I need to know what Harry did yesterday.

He's come to make trouble.


Casey was afraid to go there by himself.


"LGBT communities around the world are calling you a 'hero', and say that you were framed," Al-Sayib explained. "But the law enforcement agencies are all labeling you as a ruthless murderer. Which one are you, Dima?"


Please just give us a few minutes.

How quickly does the bird fly?

Joni isn't a college graduate.

I'll remain in Moscow for six days.

He's quite authoritative.

In the 1980s an opera production of "Hansel and Gretel" caused a furor because the part of the Witch was played by a man; nobody seemed to care that the part of Hansel, a trouser role, was played by a woman.

Neither happiness nor misery last forever.

"You're blushing!" "No, I'm not."

No, I suppose not.


If you would like, why don't we meet?

He did the work in two days.

I shook my head no.

Is that a wig?

There are four schools in this town.

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He served as governor of Ohio.

The moon, an old woman with no ears.

He's dead drunk.


We agreed among ourselves.


We've met a few times.

Mosur picked up a pencil.

I think that as long as you worry about profit and loss, it can't be called love.

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Twenty-three centuries ago, the Greek philosopher Epicurus wrote about the existence of other worlds in a letter to Herodotus.

The explosion frightened the villagers.

If Johan becomes insulting, show him the door.

I'll pass on this information to Huashi.

The library has various new acquisitions.

Presley is a 2013 graduate of Harvard.

There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.

Where did you humiliate them?

The civil rights movement leads to a dream.


I went to the spa.

We regard him as the best player on the team.

Who's your favorite family member?

His father eats there twice a week.

I had a good time yesterday.

My aunt treats me as if I were a child.

Open your book to page nine.

In his view, the domination by English is a threat to the heritage of humanity. It poses an even worse risk: This "single language" will lead to a "single thought" obsessed with money and consumerism.

They chatted for a moment.


You gave me no choice.

I'm proud of my son.

Don't take it lightly.

Love is in the air.

We heard that you had trouble.

We'll take that under consideration.

Connie played the tin whistle when she was young.

Why are people scared of the police?

Rand wanted his own room.

Most of the passengers were Canadians.

It is acceptable to mention your job and interests and to ask the other person about his, but be careful not to let the conversation become too personal.

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The price isn't important.

Her room is in the other house.

She raced home from work.


You love children, don't you?

May I eat another piece of cake?

How many websites do you visit per day?


I really appreciate your help.


They didn't find her.

Don't tell anybody about the matter.

You should take into consideration the advice of your mother.

Health is essential to happiness.

This book is the smallest of all the books.

It's a difficult word to pronounce.

What's today's plan?


Irvin wasn't looking for Earle, was he?


Tal drowned in Lake Superior three years ago.

You are too skinny!

Her only desire is to see him again soon.

Mat waited expectantly.

We haven't been married long.

Muriel is living poorly off of her part-time job.

My brother is a high school student.

The results were appalling.

Travis was a patient of mine.


I'm not good-looking.


Look into that, would you?

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You can choose whatever you like.


Don't stroke the cat the wrong way.


We skied down to Chamonix.