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We're going to find a cure.

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I've never felt so loved.

You've never heard of me, have you?

In order to solve a difficult problem, the burden is on us to reach a higher level of thinking than the one we had when we created the problem.

Hello, Charlene. Good morning.

Your vaginal walls may thin a bit.

We hope you like it.

I shouldn't have left Reid alone.


At that time my house was already built.


The Johnsons love to have parties.


Malcolm didn't tell me anything at all.


Let me know the days when you can come.

Tonight could be the night.

Guys better don't bring up this topic. You're young, playful, everything's easy for you. It's wrong. It's not Chikatilo, and not even FBI archives. Better don't venture here. I'm serious, any of you would regret. Better close the topic and forget everything written here. I quite understand this message provokes more interest, but I want to warn the curious - stop. The rest will just be lost.

He doesn't eat anything other than fruit.

We should give Deborah another chance.

Gil threw a snowball at Elliot.

"I asked you a question." "I didn't hear you."

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I hate being alone this time of year.

Someone came in his classroom and flashed a picture and he wasn't very happy about that.

The Koran, far from being inimitable, is a literary work of inferior quality, as it is neither clear, nor understandable, nor does it possess any practical value and is certainly not a revealed book.

I'm sick of eating fish.

I think Sam is nice.


The sky is full of stars tonight.

She pulled the blinds down.

I'll be over here.

Because I had a cold, I stayed at home.

You shall be good and diligent, and love your schoolmates so that you are loved by them.

What the hell is this? I can't believe you put sperm in the Omelette Rice.

I started going to the gym.

I think the wind's picking up.

I eat here every day.


You must be here by five.


We both saw Blake.


I did a little research.

My mother doesn't like to watch TV.

What's happening to you?

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Jeannette's resigned.

Please give me another cup of coffee.

How was the picnic yesterday?

Is there anything you want from the supermarket?

An ostrich egg weighs as much as twenty-four chicken eggs.

Spy was found guilty of murder.

She was indignant when I said she was lying.

What kind of monkeys are those?

Where did you buy that? I also want one.

Panzer took these pictures, didn't he?

I reported to him by means of an SMS that he had to stop his work as soon as possible.

You should not have said that.

The gate is so narrow that the car can't pass through it.


An infinitive without a 'to' attached is called a bare infinitive.

I want to hear you play the piano.

The driver told us which bus we should take.


Juan understands what it takes to succeed.

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Is that from them?


Put those flowers wherever we can see them well.

I seem to be interrupting.

Let's have fun.


Germany shares a border with France.

I thought it would be fun for us to go skiing together.

A putrid smell came up out of the hole in the ground.

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He was accused of stealing the jewels.

That isn't how it happened.

The shaking began to slowly get less.

Jerald went to the bathroom to reapply her makeup.

I eat dinner every evening at six o'clock.

The accident wasn't his fault.

Where would you like to sit?


This ticket is valid for three days.

These letters can be typed by any secretary.

There are so many people in this city that I feel like a total stranger.

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Mick died on October 20th.

Let's try to sleep.

This is so unreal.

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Do you think we can help her?


I saw Anatoly at the restaurant.

I gave one for free.

Let us know if you change your residence.


I do agree with Paul.

We wanted to go back to Boston.

I've never heard of her.

I'll catch up with you in a few minutes.

That is the highest mountain in the world.

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The thermometer says it's thirty degrees in here.

Glenn really wanted to go to Boston.

That won't be easy.

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I asked Nancy to stay at home.

Would you make room for me?

Do you know what's happened to Kelly?


The question is who is going to tell him.


I was happy to know he was well.


The teacher distributed the leaflets.

I find it difficult to understand French when it's spoken quickly.

It's no secret Cathryn and Ritalynne have problems.

He played a hose on the burning hotel.

Penny lost his key.

The users of Tatoeba are called Tatoebians.

Rakhal never came back.

You need an ambulance.

You shouldn't share too much private information on the social networks.

I can't stand my sister's kids.

Courtney was determined to continue his support for as long as it took.

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Betty was bitten by a bat.

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Ricky is watching the Olympics on TV.

I hear that the number of the unemployed has been increasing recently.

I'm still looking for them.


Roberta had bruises all over his body after the fight.

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I think what you're doing is right.


Birds were singing among the trees.

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Does this thing embarrass you?

Ethnic minorities struggle against prejudice, poverty, and oppression.

We want a solution.

I don't know if that's it or not.

Don't you remember the question?

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Some restrictions may apply.

You need to be honest with me.

They didn't leave me anything to translate.


We have to be careful not to do that again.

Don't tell tales out of school.

Acid fruits like pineapples and lemons are sour.


It must be her.

I'll give you this.

They double-crossed us.

Why have you written this book on the system of the universe, and have never even mentioned its Creator?

He has to drink water.

The die has been cast.

He went all the way to see her, only to find she was away.

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I am quite clear that it is a fact.


My money seems to disappear by the end of the month.

How did you end up being Rabin's manager?

Vincenzo isn't sure how to react.

I lost sight of him.

That's wrong!


She bought some paper that she could use for writing letters.

Mah is all fingers and thumbs.

I don't give a toss that you are tired.


Companies with diversified holdings tend to weather economics shocks better.

I'll pay you back with my calculus notes.

I didn't miss my watch till I got home.

You can not expect him to know the story seeing he has not read it.

I never think about it.


What are these people doing?

I've written about 3,000 words so far.

Have you made a decision yet?


I'm pretty sure Dylan has already made up his mind.

I wonder if it will be sunny outside.

Can I leave him a message?


I am coughing.

The consequence was that, she lost a considerable amount of money.

Can I get a witness?

I scraped my knee.

You can come together.

Which of those girls do you like?

A trade delegation has gone to Japan ahead of the Prime Minister to crunch the numbers with their Japanese counterparts.


We discussed the article I published.