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Is Patricia playing tennis?

How do we reason with her?

They've been spending a lot of time together.


His shop is in a busy section of town.

Let's shake hands.

They weren't able to pass on that tradition unto the next generation.


The weather is fine today!

Mechael and June both said no.

The moral of the story is that you can't trust the system.

Don't you have anything smaller than this?

Look, I already told you everything you need to know.

How quickly can we do that?

Do you think it's just a coincidence?


The hamburger is a famous American dish.


I'll give it to Sidney tomorrow.

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I've been complaining about this problem for a long time.

I love to cook.

Do you want a dinosaur to eat?

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Were you the one who called the cops?

I only saw her once.

Henry liked what he was doing.


We have to eat.


I want to know your opinion.

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Don't you think you could do better?


I don't have any food to eat.


We don't want to do anything without thinking about the consequences.

I'll come now.

You should avoid alcohol completely when trying to become pregnant, and in the first four months of pregnancy. The less time the pregnancy has advanced, the greater the risk of miscarriage.

The building exhibits signs of dilapidation.

They just saw her.

I'm the only person Kathleen knows in this town.

Brent kept smiling.

That's what happened to them.

Angela has been a real pain in the neck lately.


We're trying to work.

People who love doubt nothing, or doubt everything.

Leave it off.

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Sue hopes to meet Tolerant again in the near future.

Come over!

You're playing at being a conscientious objector, but mark my words: when all is said and done, you'll join the army like everyone else.


It doesn't matter to me whether she lives in the city or in the countryside.

She worked as an aerobics instructor in her twenties.

Panzer looks younger than Miles.

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He bought pencils, notebooks, dictionaries and so on.

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I'm sure Jones wouldn't mind it if you used his umbrella.

The storm shouldn't affect our plans.

They went aboard the plane.

"What is your religion? Christianity? Judaism? Buddhism? Or are you an atheist" "No, I'm a humorist!"

I'm just used to dealing with stereotypes. They're part of life, after all.


Give me a table for two near the window.

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I promise you that from now on I'll be good.

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Nelken slid open the door.

What was Rob's answer?

Is there really a solution?


I'm watching her.


I miss you, too.

I said I'm sorry.

I'll write to you when I have time.

How are things going with your youngest sister?

You let us down.

The people don't buy milk at this market.

The ancient and the modern, the past and the future are all one.

We have to have a plan.

I'm so glad you are all here.

Edith found it hard to concentrate.

Jin said he wanted to do it by himself.


I have no idea how Rob was able to do that.

How many people can you feed on an adult cow?

I didn't take a shower.

He is very pleased with the new bicycle.

The bulk of his work is in the urban area.

That language sounds very nice.

I can run at the rate of fifty miles an hour.

It's inadequate.

Don't talk so loud.


I am writing a sentence.

You are feeling very tired. Yes, you are feeling very tired.

He is used to walking long distances.

Because I've been doing this a lot longer than you.

Larry got very drunk and poured his heart out to the bartender.

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I wasn't surprised.


I'm going to hang out with him.

Their bags were checked by security guards at the gate.

I want those back when you're done.

I want to hold your hand.

You have too much time on your hands.

Swamy regrets the decision he made late last night.

How can I get a hold of you?


We'll be home tomorrow night.

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He's a late developer.


All these notions I have long since abandoned.

Everyone on our street knows Amigo.

He is at the office.

They are here.

We will check to see if what you have said is really the truth.

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Not much has changed.

Find yourselves a seat.

Susumu dropped out of school when he was thirteen.

He was welcomed by the people there.

It's a beautiful fabric.

Why can't you tell the police who she is?

I don't care about English, I can't even speak it.


How would you define faithfulness?

Janet could've won if he'd wanted to.

What did you just say to her?

All of them are not present.

I'm sure I saw her two years ago.

I enjoyed myself last night.

Eat, while it's still hot.


She will write to me as soon as she returns to her country.

We were both shocked.

I can't tell what it is.

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Jussi chose to resign.

They're on their way.

I'm afraid you got off at the wrong place.

Ken is concerned about Toufic.

I like TATOEBA very much!

Loukas doesn't sound convinced.

This crowd reminds me of the streets of Tokyo.


Do you see a mountain of gold?

We threw them out.

I met Meg in Kyoto last week.

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May you always be happy!

Some believe that the number seven is lucky.

The baby wailed because it was hungry.


If you had been to the meeting, you would know this.

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Jerrie's not much of a cook, but at least he gives it a go.

These companies needed equipment and other supplies.

Randell sat next to Gary at the piano.

Mac comes across as a big snob.

That's the sweet spot.

What's your date of birth?

I have my little room on the ground floor.

We are going to cycle to the lake tomorrow.

Where is she going?

An excellent idea!

Our suggestions met with his opposition.

My closet is full of things that I never wear.

Good, right, yes.

Lynn asked Beverly to pick up some toothpaste and some toilet paper at the supermarket.

This is a matter worthy of note.

"Oh, I see you don't know what Poop is!" "Hmm... Poop is jokes about 'you sat on the stump and owed me a grand', right?"

May we swim here?

Jerry is breaking the rules.

This is creepy.

Shahid said he'd be willing to try anything once.

People in this village have no running water.

I'd say you did just fine.

We had a lively party last night.

On the one hand we suffered a heavy loss, but on the other hand we learned a great deal from the experience.

He was very fun.


The bad weather prevented me from leaving.

Man is the dog's best friend.

She set the table for supper.


You can't force something on me that I don't want to do.

Don't tell him where you live.

Michiko talks as if she had been to the Arctic herself.

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Don't let them eat this.

Jaime wasn't strong enough to help his father on the farm.

President Monroe had to make a difficult decision.